Vanguard – your partner in

financial freedom

Every day every person makes financial decisions, but unfortunately far from always the

correct ones, losing money in the meantime.

Money is our energy, which should be sufficient and which is necessary to generate and

to spend deliberately.

We help people to cope with these issues, starting from workshops on theme of

personal financial mathematics and building of personal budgets, to the core of our

specialization - consulting in trading and investments in the exchanging and non-

exchanging markets.


We know exactly how to earn money on the Stock Exchange and are ready to teach

you do it!

Working with me personally and with my team, you can be sure that you work with

professionals, perfectly know what they do and do it with true enthusiasm.

Vladimir Lazutin, CEO Vanguard

Valuable is not expensive, our services cost almost nothing,

but therewith they are priceless!


Leave your request on website and get a free gift - 8-hour course of trainings “Investments at the Financial Markets”


+ bonus – 2 additional free modules: "Marginal Trade" and  "Investments to Cryptocurrencies"


Did you get a call or a letter of invitation to us?

You are neither a happy lottery winner not an object of a joke - this is how we actively look for people striving for growth and changes. The thing is that not all people work with themselves and often our call inspires people to move forward and to grow together with our company.

About Vanguard

Our company is established to promote increasing the income of clients, to help making valuable investments, to enhance welfare and to achieve high financial goals. We are - a partner and a personal adviser for those, who make investments, deal with trading, wish to make money or choose a partner for cooperation, those, who need high-quality knowledge or analytics on financial markets.


Vanguard Company conducts trainings on many aspects of financial markets, develops individual programs, and provides corporate training. We provide action-oriented knowledge, which is necessary to private investors, traders, financers. Our trainings will be most urgent for young professionals, who have theoretical knowledge, but do not have experience of work in financial markets.




Vanguard – is a team of professionals, who are keen on their job and sincerely wish

to be useful to society and to particular people seeking for our assistance.

Special offers

VIP service

Open an account with any of our partners or switch to our servicing with an account in the amount of

starting from 25 000$.


Get VIP assistance 24/5. Your personal manager will manage all your arising issues. We’ll save

your time and money.


The value is at least 1000$.


+ bonus free VIP training valued at 1000$.








Leave your request on the website and get the service valued at least at 2000 USD absolutely


Account in Switzerland

We will help you to prepare necessary documents we will cover the costs of opening an account and

all postal costs.


The value of the service is more than 500 Euro.


+ bonus free consultations and training valued at 750 Euro.



Total value is 1250 Euro.









Leave a request on the website and get the service valued at 1250 Euro for

12 500 Tenge only

More money

You want to manage money more efficiently, multiply it, to learn cutting-edge methods of gaining income.


The price of the course “Investments on financial markets” is 75 000 Tenge.

+ bonus “Marginal Trade” valued at 25 000 Tenge.

+ bonus “Investments to Cryptocurrencies” valued at 100 000 Tenge.


+ exclusive bonus, for those, who has registered on the website “Personal Financial Mathematics” by Vladimir Lazutin, valued at 50 000 Tenge.


Total price of the program is 250 000 Tenge, the value is endless.



Leave a request on the website and get priceless knowledge valued at 250 000 Tenge for

25 000 Tenge only

Low price for students

Master an interesting job, learn from practicing professionals. Less theory and more necessary knowledge.


Complete all our courses, get all round development. While you have time, use the opportunity to obtain universal knowledge.

There is a  50% discount for any program or service for students only.


The discount applies to the price with discoung and to all special offers inclusively.










Leave a request on the website and get a



Buy the course of VIP Training for 160 000, 320 000 or 500 000 Tenge.


And with support of the partner we will provide you a cash-back to your Investment account, or, during the training we will earn for you the sum, paid for the training, to your investment account. Otherwise, we will return you your money.


Buy any training program at 100% price and get 100% cash-back to your investment account.









Leave a request on the website, buy the program you’ve chosen and get


We offer

Vanguard  - is a company, specializing in consulting, training and seminars on financial markets. Analytics to the given theme or certain financial instruments or companies.


Learn knowledge in exchange trade or newest technologies of making money from cryptocurrencies, proven by generations of traders, from professionals of Vanguard Company.


Get consultations from experts with many years of work experience, make your investments safer and more secure.




Development programs

Appropriate and reliable information, obtained on time from professionals is the key factor for your success. If you are aimed at achieving high results, continuing development, then you need experts in any sphere, wherever you have been working, and in our opinion, this is particularly urgent for investments area. We provide consultations on financial, legal issues and give clear information to all issues, associated with trading or investments.

•  Личная финансовая математика

    On how to manage your money correctly and earn more.


•  Marginal trade

    How to increase capital correctly.


•  Emotional intellect in investments and trading

    Universal knowledge about psychology, compulsory for studying by everybody.

We provide everyday analytics for our clients on a permanent basis. We prepare monthly reviews and make forecasts. Upon request of our clients we can prepare an analytical conclusion on more than 33000 financial instruments.

The term “Training” does not express the concept of our programs, aimed at development, at action. Certainly, many people just study and maximum profit for them is an additional line in their CVs or only time spent quite nice with us.


However, the essence of participation in our programs is the practical experience and financial result.


Our programs:


•  Investments on financial markets


•  Cryptocurrencies

    Seeking easy money.

•  VIP Course

    Individually about trading practice.

How it’s all work



• Provides consulting at all stages of

   cooperation of a client with a broker,

   from his choice to continuous support

• Provides analytics

• Conducts training

• Represents clients interests


• Additional income

• To make profitable investments

• To buy shares, cryptocurrency, or any other

   financial asset

• To learn trading, investments

• To learn how to manage money correctly and

   earn more

• To get dividends

• To find a reliable broker

• To find a reliable consultant on issues related with

   trading and investments on exchange markets

• To get new knowledge and practical experience



• Provides access to financial markets

• Service and instruments for trading and


• is a mediator between a client and the

   global financial market

• Cash transactions

• Major banks - significant participants

   of the currency market

Liquidity provider

Stock Exchange

• Specialization on performance of delivery

   of assets to a broker upon clients’ requests

• They are major market players, combining

   funds, stock exchanges, different financial

   institutes and largest global markets to a

   network, which forms the quotations pool

   and the stream of prices for market players

• Specialization of listing of shares and

   organization of trade on their purchase

   and sale


Why should professionals provide


For sure, they can make big money and not to spend money for preparation

of other people. It is a fair point, as long as we talk about teaching financial markets, making money, trading and appropriate investments.

We decide to create training products because it is urgent. People need knowledge on modern methods of gaining, on new trends, which carry enormous potential for investments, for example, such as Cryptocurrencies or different types of financial derivative stock.

The point is that training programs, which you can find in our company is a part of our business.

We are unique, because:

• If you cooperate with a broker, a managing company or any other

organization, engaged in financial markets, then we will help you in any

issues, related with cooperation with your partners

• We advise, how to work right

• We work with clients of any companies

• We are not representatives

of one brand, we are partners of

many companies with good ratings, supported by achievements

and relevant awards

• We are an independent company,

open for partnership

• We will help you to select a partner, meeting your demands

• We provide impartial information

and analytics

• Stock market, financial derivative stock, currency and commodity markets,

cryptocurrencies, - you can get advice on any issues, connected with these

assets or attend training seminars at our company

With our company, your investments will be safer,

                                     information will be unprejudiced and accurate.

We work in the market of big opportunities. Now more than ever, financial markets become available to practically every person,

but with the wealth of proposals, it is difficult to cope with a huge stream of incoming information. Many companies offer their

services: brokerage, capital management, and certainly, consulting.

Vanguard specializes on training and consulting in the following areas of financial markets:






Decisions always remain with the client, it is the client who manages himself and his money. We help to learn it and not to rely on unknown companies and people.


Which guarantees we give to our training and consultations? None! It is because there haven’t been any technologies yet, which allow people appropriately use their minds, knowledge and information that we provide.


However we guarantee that you gain high quality knowledge and information, and it depends only on you how to manage it.

Speakers of Programs and Trainings





14 years of experience at different positions in the companies of financial area. Practicing trader, expert on technical analysis, speaker that conducted seminars for more than 11000 people.

5 years of experience in trading practice in all types of market, individual advisor and coach in financial analysis, conducted trainings for more than 2000 attendees, work experience in four international brokerage companies.





3 years of experience in financial market, expert in development and application of strategies on technical and graphical analysis.

5 years of experience in trading on currency market, individual practitioner on computer analysis strategies, he has developed trading strategies with expected profitability of at least 35% per month, the head of the Department of Technical Support of Clients and Distance Learning.

The cost of our trainings and program is less by

                                                         53% than comparative cost

Our programs are cheaper than one seminar of any prominent

                                 speaker by 78% and more informative by over 500%


At present, we provide services to the clients of leading brokerage companies. The main priority in choosing partners - is the flawless service and reliability.


We are open for cooperation with companies, striving to provide better conditions for our clients.


Flexibility of making business, openness of the company, good conditions for cooperation, high standards of the company are the basis for cooperation.

We are ready to represent interests of the company in searching new and supporting existing clients.

Job opportunities

We are in the process of creating the team of our company, but we already have excellent experts and nice people among us. We tend to be best for you!



Vladimir Lazutin, CEO and founder of Vanguard

Send us your CV for positions of:

  • Lecturer
  • Sales Manager
  • Call-Center Operator

We are looking forward to your CV from regions of Almaty, Atyrau, Aktau, Astana, Shymkent to our e-mail address: marked with “CV for the position...”

You can learn about the conditions and requirements by leaving your contact data. Our specialist will contact you at the earliest opportunity.


Money loves silence, however we will be very grateful if you leave your comment.


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We offer




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